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Quality Hydraulic Fittings, Motors and Products in Perth

At Alcaro Hydraulic Services, we work with industrial, mining, agricultural and marine clients to provide quality hydraulic solutions and repairs, mobile service support and quality fabrication services. We keep each component of your equipment working at its best, allowing your entire fleet of machinery to operate in harmony for maximum productivity. Based in Bullsbrook, WA, our experienced and qualified team of engineers create high quality hydraulic fittings for a wide range of machinery for virtually all applications.

Hydraulic Fittings and Accessories

In order to maximise productivity and functionality, equipment and machinery needs to be working properly. Components of hydraulic systems need connections that direct hydraulic fluid without losing the pressure that powers them. From bolted components to the use of tubing and hoses, each component requires entry and exit points according to the volume of expected fluid.

Depending on the requirements of your equipment and machinery, from ease of use to high pressure and leakage control, the team at Alcaro Hydraulic Services utilises selected optimised methods. In most cases, we provide each component with a female-threaded port and separate adapter fitting with matching male threads for connection.

Our fittings are ideal for joining components, bridging different standards, incorporating bulkhead hardware and allowing for the proper orientation of components as required. We’re also able to add quick disconnect fittings without the modification of hoses or valves.

Kerb Laying Machines

Alcaro is constantly working to improve the design of our machinery. Therefore we have updated our SB747 kerb laying machine, and created the SB748. The SB748 is at the cutting-edge of kerb laying. Its heavy-duty construction guarantees you will be able to lay kerb consistently and reliably, so you can achieve the best productivity on your sites.

The SB748 is built with a Turbo-charged Kubota D1105 diesel engine, powering 4 motors, each generating 921nm of torque. This configuration generates a maximum speed of 4 kilometres per hour, and max pressure of 3000 psi. Along with this lightweight but powerful engine comes a range of features such as: variable speed control, true 4WD, true horsepower controlled piston pump, Murphy shutdown system, 4-metre turning radius, 2.5 tonne capacity, hydraulic, load-sensed steering and shockingly quiet and efficient operation.

If you need kerb laid as a one-off or for a short period, Alcaro offers our kerb-laying machines for hire as well as for sale, so you can have access to our machines for a defined duration.

Take a look at the SB748 at work in here, here, and here.

Kerb Cutting Machines

Alcaro’s CT900 kerb-cutting machine is the ultimate solution to kerb-cutting. Designed and built with efficiency and reliability in mind, the CT900 kerb-cutter provides enough power to move quickly and easily to and from locations, and a hydraulically powered retractable saw-arm, allowing you to precisely control your cuts both in terms of speed and location. The design also permits rapid switch out of the saw blade, so you can spend less time at the kerb, and more time cutting it.

The CT900’s designed can also be modified to your specifications, so we can build you a kerb-cutter that fits your needs precisely. Feel free to call us to discuss your ideal machine.

Conveyor Belt Winders

Alcaro Hydraulics provide a range of belt winders for removal and reinstallation of conveyor belts. These machines are ideal for setting where conveyor belts are in regular, heavy usage, and quality, reliable machinery is needed to  efficiently switch out belts and maintain productivity.

Our winders are provided in an array of sizes, weights and torques, so you can select the configuration that most appropriately suits your factory or workplace setting. We provide a standard range of winders that can begin their handling capacity at 5 tonnes, moving all the way up to 25 tonnes. However, we are able to provide specialised winders for up to 50-tonne demands.

Our standard conveyor belt winders are all fitted with dynamic motion control and dual emergency stopping, so you can maintain control of the winding process, or stop it instantly in an emergency situation. Winders are also built with weight-certified lifting lugs and tie down points, as well as self-closing gates, so transport of the belt winder can be safely performed.

All models of our conveyor belt winders are available to purchase. However, if you only need a belt winder for a short and defined period, Alcaro winders are also available for hire.

Our Products

As experienced hydraulic professionals, we provide a wide range of hydraulic products to suit a range of applications. Specialising in custom components and solutions, we work to enhance your equipment and machinery for maximum productivity. Our expertise covers:

Hydraulics Experts in Perth

For custom design and expert advice on hydraulic fittings, products and motors, chat with the team at Alcaro Hydraulic Services. We specialise in ensuring that each component of your equipment works in harmony for ongoing productivity and success.

Contact us on 0428 234 663 for expert advice on our full range of hydraulic products.