Precision and General Machining

Our trained and practised machinists can provide machined parts and components for general purposes but can also produce parts with minimal tolerances for specialist or high-spec applications. Our facilities have a range of machines for both general and precision applications, so we are able to cater to a wide range of clients and their needs.

Lathe and Milling

Alcaro is a leading provider of precision lathed and/or milled parts and products. We have a range of lathes, mills and CNC machines that can be used to model, lathe and mill virtually any part from a variety of materials. Our technicians can help you model and make the machined parts you need.

Pins and Bushes

We are able to produce pins and bushes to very fine tolerances, for use in engines and other high-powered applications to ensure efficiency. We can reproduce existing models, and we can provide new components for specialised applications where necessary.


Alcaro’s machinists can produce high-quality glands for any application, high or low-pressure. However you intend to configure your gland, and whether the application is marine or other, Alcaro can provide the component glands you need.

Hydraulic Cylinder Rods

Where you are developing, manufacturing or using engines that require hydraulic cylinder rods, Alcaro can help you manufacture new or replacement cylinder rods to your specifications. Our workshop is able to produce rods that can function under a great variety of conditions and stresses.

Hydraulic Components – fittings, stainless steels, alloys and plastics.

Alcaro is able to provide parts and components for hydraulic applications, and in a variety of materials and ratings. Our machines and machinists are experienced in providing many configurations of hydraulic parts for use across all industries.

We provide machining services for the following industries


Where heavy-duty, highly corrosive or high-wear is expected, Alcaro can advise on the best specifications and produce parts and machining for application in a variety of setting across the mining industry.


Hydraulic parts must be capable of withstanding high pressure, and reliable enough for rigorous and consistent use. Alcaro can machine components that are ideal for use in hydraulic machinery, and we can replace hydraulic parts that have failed.


Alcaro can produce replacement parts for agricultural vehicles and machinery, as well as for development of new agricultural vehicles.


For the marine environment, components must often be rated to survive the highly corrosive effects of salt water, and must be rugged enough to withstand high pressures and forces acting upon them. Alcaro specialises in producing parts that are marine-ready and reliable enough for industrial use.


Our machines and machinists specialise in producing reliable, high-quality components that are robust enough for the rigours of consistent industrial use. We can manufacture components that will withstand many years of heavy use in difficult and demanding environments that are typical of the Australian landscape. Whatever your industry, Alcaro can provide the machined

Hydraulics Services

Alcaro is a specialist provider not only of machined parts for hydraulic applications, but also of services around hydraulic parts and machines. Click here to read about how Alcaro can help with your Hydraulics, or get in touch with us here.