Alcaro Hydraulic ‘Fence Master’ Fence Winder

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    Product Description

    Hydraulic Powered Ring-lock, Netting and Wire Winder

    Our “Fence Master” fence winder greatly increases the speed of the process in rolling up temporary or used fencing. No more sore backs, sliced fingers, scratched arms or uneven rolls rolling by hand. You can roll up to 250 metres or more, up to 350 Kg’s of fencing in just a few minutes in a small package for easy re-use or disposal.

    The “Fence Master” light weight design enables you to use small farm front end loaders and skid steers. The hydraulic controls, for winding is provided by the auxiliary hydraulic control of your current machine. The winder has minimal components and is, easy to use, easy maintenance and comes with a 1 year warranty
    Our hydraulic powered fence winder is a barrel type roller designed to wind up netting, hinged joint and ring-lock based fences and plain and barbed wire fences or all at once. You can clear an old fence by simply removing the fence posts from the ground and laying the old fence horizontal on the ground. Connect the fence wire to the shaft hooks and start winding