Front End Loader Cylinders

AG/Industrial Cylinders

Double acting with Fork Clevis Ends
With 4 Ports in Cylinder for easy access.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Front End Loader Cylinders


    Double acting Front End Loader Cylinder
    With 2 Ports in Cylinder.

    •  Industrial Gloss Black
    •  Industrial Gloss Yellow
    Working Pressure : 210 Bar – 3045 PSI
    Cylinder Test Pressure : 315 Bar – 4568 PSI

    Seals Maximum Operating Pressure and Conditions:

    Seal arrangement in a machined steel end cap.

    • Pressures: 414 Bar – 6000 PSI
    • Temperature: -30 Deg C to +110 Deg C
    • Speed: 0.5 Metres per Second
    • Shock and Load Holding Capacity
    • Double Acting K-DAS piston seal providing positive
    displacement under all rated pressure situations

    Rod Material and Hardening:

    Seals arrangement Cast Iron
    Rod Gland

    • EN8D/C45 round bar
    • Toughened and Induction Hardened
    • Chrome Thickness: 20 to 30 microns hard chromed
    piston rod for superior corrosion resistance

    Tube Material:
    • CDS ST52/E355 Steel Tube
    • Seamless steel tube accurately honed to ensure smooth
    operation and extended seal life
    Gland Material:
    • SG IRON SG500/7 Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron,
    tensile strength – 500N/mm^2
    Piston, Front Clevis, Rear End:
    • EN8D/C45 tensile strength – 650 N/mm^2

    Front End Loader Cylinders Installation Dimensions

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