Cylinder Repair and Supply

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    Cylinder Repair and Supply



    Alcaro Hydraulic Services Repair and Supply Hydraulic Cylinders





    At Alcaro Hydraulics we have in-house cylinder stripping and testing facilities, a fully equipped machine shop and welding bay, manned by competent tradesmen. We can repair cylinders, machine new rods, glands and end caps and reseal. The cylinder will leave our premises working as it should and with a new paint job! (Time permitting)

     Custom Designed Cylinders

    Talk to us about your custom designed cylinders, we can draft and manufacture anything you require for your project.


    We stock the following in multiple sizes.If we don’t have the cylinder in stock we can re-manufacture to suit in a short period of time, or if you have time to wait, we can source from our numerous suppliers.

    AG/Industrial Cylinders                                       

     Front End Loader Cylinders                                 

    Double Acting 3 Point Linkage Hydraulic Cylinder

    Hydraulic Cylinder Extension and Retraction Force