Alcaro Hydraulics ‘Fence Post Puller’

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     Fence Post Puller

    In keeping with our ethos of building quality hydraulic metal products, Alcaro Hydraulic Services has created a range of products to make everyday life easier on the job, and on your body. Our range of Post Removers are designed to not only to make your job easier and faster, but to also reduce damage, easy to carry and along with wear-and-tear to your body. Through clever design and necessity, our range of products are designed to be OH&S friendly whether you work in agriculture, on building and construction sites, mines and quarries. The Alcaro hydraulic fence post puller is one of the most versatile attachments for your skid steer to remove posts and star pickets to 120 mm. All this can be achieved by one person in the convenience of the air-conditioned cab listening to your favourite music and removing the need for an extra worker. Why put up with the weather when you don’t have to! After the work is done the universal quick hitch is quickly removed ready for the next step on the job to work again

    UNIVERSAL FOR SKID STEERS: This fence post puller attachment has a universal fit for most skid steer and tractor models, including Bobcat and Kubota. This versatile skid steer attachment lets you take on any landscaping challenge with ease. Whether you need a remover for fence posts or a small tree, this attachment tool makes it easier to get the job done.

    2 PACK EPOXY FINISH: This fence post/tree puller attachment is finished off with a 2-pack epoxy finish with a epoxy primer on the steel. This coat makes it more resistant to corrosion and rust over time. Since this attachment is used in rough or damp environments for landscaping or farm work, this resistance to corrosion is essential to keep the attachment in working order for years to come.

    Coloured to your choosing on special orders


    HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS & SINGLE HINGE PIN: The ALCARO skid steer fence, and post puller attachment is equipped with 2” x 8” hydraulic cylinder to power the jaws. This equipment delivers 4 TONNES of clamping force to pull fence posts directly from the ground. For stubborn posts or pickets a quick wiggle with the drive and steering moves the post or picket back and forth or left to right and voila! they’re loose The tough steel jaws 5 x 16 mm thick steel jaws are perfect for pulling them out completely and with newer posts and pickets intact ready for use again and also have a single over centre valve for positive locking and a single hinge pin for a strong attachment that increases durability. The extended rod of the cylinder is protected by a 3mm shroud against damage when probing through bushes

    INCLUDES HOSES & FLAT-FACED COUPLERS: This attachment tool has 3/4″ flat-faced couplers and hoses to help maintain consistent pressure and flow levels during operation. These features come together to preserve the longevity of the attachment. They also protect your landscape kit and accessories investment and allow you to accomplish more work over a longer period of time in the comfort of the cab

    without having to exit and enter all the time

    RUGGED STEEL TEETH: To remove tough steel and wood fencing posts from the ground, this attachment has powerful reinforced steel jaws with rugged 16 mm thick metal teeth. These jaws are capable of removing 125 mm wide posts directly from the ground without leaving any pieces behind. The attachment can also be used for clearing and moving brush and other foliage to clean up your job site.