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    Pipe Shield is a two component pour able epoxy composite designed for spin application inside pipes carrying slurries and corrosive liquids.

    It has a low peak exothermic and is slightly flexible, making cracking under curing, temperature changes or physical handling less than old technology epoxies. It cures exothermic-ally to form a high frictional and especially low corrosive wear durable barrier on steel surfaces, with a low friction coefficient.

    The unique basic resin system and world first glass-ceramic inter-fusion, are covered by two patents.

    Suitable for use in all steel pipes exposed or subjected to abrasive and corrosive wear, with internal diameters ranging from minimum Ø150mm up to Ø1000mm, like :-

    ◊ Slurry pipe lines

    ◊ Potable water pipes

    ◊ Chemical solution pipes